I can honestly say I have never seen a market like 2021! It seems to be slowing a bit and I’m sure some of that is seasonal. As I speak with other Brokers there is definitely mixed feelings and opinions about how the current market has gone this year and what next year looks like.

I do think the consensus seems to be that the overall market is unsustainable and will even off and start to go down. How much? How fast? That is yet to be seen.

Some of the sales I have had over the last few months have been truly historical highs! I chuckle sometimes because I have had multiple other Brokers, Realtors, and folks give me a lot of grief when I have listing property so aggressively this year. Here are a just few highlights.

  1. I sold a one cabin that the owner purchased for $330K three years ago for $654K! It was a 1939 cabin.
  2. I sold another property that was a very nice new build, but was on a 50 foot lot for $599K.
  3. One of the two I closed yesterday was a 1998 manufactured home that closed for $290K.

All of these sales appraised out and one was actually FHA! I am proud to be known as one of the most aggressive Seller Agents in the area. The bottom line is the Market is clearly supporting these prices and I had multiple offers on all these properties.

Each property is unique, each owner is unique, and although I have to admit I am in the right place at the right time I would also like to think that some of this success is due to the several things I do that most other brokers in the area are simply not willing to. I also believe because I am a small boutique brokerage we bring a focus, creativity, and determination to each sale that a larger volume brokerage simple does not.

THANK YOU to the clients and customers that have made this year so spectacular!

Contact me if you would like to determine whether it may be a good time for you to make a move!

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