We have spent years developing trusted relationships with some of the best local service providers in the area. We are going to add some of them here as a recourse for our clients. Reach out anytime if you have a need for help of any kind. Chances are we have you covered!  

Jayme Steele

Much like real estate, there is no doubt that there are endless options when it comes to finding an insurance agent. However, certain traits differentiate some agents from others. As a broker, over the years, I have worked with many insurance companies, but none of them have impressed me as much as Jayme Steele at Weizenegger Engel Insurance. Initially, I ended up working with Jayme because he simply underquoted significantly compared to other insurance quotes I was getting. Over the years, there have been several occasions where he impressed me by going into detail to educate me on different price options, but also how those lower priced insurance options might not be the best if something ever does go wrong. As I do, he believes in educating his clients and letting them make their decisions. When possible, he has also searched out lower options that are a good fit without me even requesting it. I not only moved everything from my home, two businesses, life insurance, and vehicles to Jayme, but I also highly recommend any clients that need insurance to take the time to get to know him. He has proven himself to be very honest. Insurance issues are a lot more complicated than many realize and having someone who knows you, cares, and is willing to guide you is invaluable. I know Jayme has my back. Again, I cannot recommend him enough if you are looking into any insurance needs.

The Team Title

There are several great closing and title companies in the area, yet none have impressed me as much as The Team Title. Through numerous transactions, both on the seller and buyer side, they have consistently demonstrated their dedication and expertise. It would take me a few pages to detail the specifics of how they have gone up and beyond and navigated multiple issues over the years to ensure smooth and successful transactions for my clients. Brianna, Britta, and the entire The Title Team staff have been an indispensable partnership, enabling me to serve my clients from start to close. In the sometimes-complicated realm of real estate transactions, financing, title work, and closing, where complications are commonplace, their communication, problem-solving skills, as well as their commonsense tact in dealing with all sides, has truly made a difference in my brokerage’s success. While our clients retain the freedom to choose any closing company, I wholeheartedly endorse Team Title for their consistent excellence and reliability in delivering results time and again.

Navigator Home Inspections

When representing a buyer, we highly advocate for a comprehensive home inspection before finalizing any property transaction. While the choice of inspector ultimately lies with the buyer, we can offer recommendations based on our experience. Among the inspectors in town, one individual has consistently impressed us with his approach. We endorse this inspector due to his attention to detail. He meticulously identifies every flaw and provides our clients with in-depth report often spanning over 25 pages. I believe by suggesting a good inspection we have our buyers' long-term interests at heart. Recommending a very thorough inspector, such as Jon Kline from Navigator Home Inspections, helps to ensure our clients are shielded from any surprises post-purchase. Jon has earned my trust through his unwavering commitment to safeguarding buyers.

218 Septic Design and Inspection

Rainy at 218 Septic Design and Inspection has completed numerous inspections, designs and projects for our clients and property owners over the years. Rainy is an expert in his field and always willing to go the extra mile for us. He also takes pride in educating homeowners about their various options and solutions. We regularly refer vacation homeowners to him for property inspections and necessary paperwork in the licensing process. Additionally, Rainy has assisted us in designing and extending systems when needed. We highly recommend his services to our real estate and management clients.

Arrow Property Maintenance

Zack and his team at Arrow Management have been handling various outside services for many of our homeowners over the years. Offering a comprehensive range of services including lawn care, snow removal, dock services, beach cleanup and repair, hot tub maintenance, firewood delivery and more, Zack ensures that every aspect of outside property maintenance is covered. With a team that spans the entire area, Zack consistently offers competitive pricing while understanding the unique needs of vacation property ownership firsthand. Having worked together for several years across different management companies, Zack's dedication to ensuring properties are guest-ready is evident, making him a trusted partner with our owners.

CJ’s Chem-Dry

In our property management and listing services, we rely on local services not just for their quality and pricing, but also for their ability to meet tight deadlines. With the unpredictable nature of vacation rentals, quick responses are essential, especially when accidents occur and guests are coming. CJ’s Chem-Dry has consistently impressed us with their prompt and high-quality service. Their understanding of our industry and their efficiency in completing tasks have made them a valuable partner. Their fairness, honesty, and commitment to quality work make them a clear choice for recommendation to both our real estate sellers and lake home owners.

Gold Star Window Cleaners

Scott from Goldstar Window Cleaners has provided exceptional service to several of our clients. He is fast, has fair pricing, and does quality work, we highly recommend him to both our Real Estate and Management clients.

Becky’s Pest Control

One of the ongoing challenges we face in managing vacation homes involves dealing with pests such as mice, spiders, and ants. Depending on the guest and the source of their booking, confronting pest problems can result in difficult and costly situations, with some online travel agencies (OTAs) even demanding full refunds for issues like mice infestations. Managing pest issues is an inherent part of the cost of maintaining short-term rentals. The majority of our property owners participate in a program where a pest control company visits four times a year to address spider treatments and other pest-related issues. We strongly encourage owners to take a proactive approach, we require if pest issues arise during a guest's stay that a professional is brought in. While owners have the flexibility to choose their preferred pest control companies, Becky’s Pest Solutions has proven to be exceptionally reliable and effective at a fair price for several of our property owners.

Maple Leaf Photography

For several years, Maple Leaf Photography has collaborated with Realtors in the Brainerd Lakes area, producing captivating Home Tour videos and still photos for their listings. Nels' expertise has been instrumental in ensuring our listings and short-term rentals stand out amidst the competitive market of the Brainerd Lakes area. In such a fast-paced market, capturing a buyer's attention immediately is crucial, and Maple Leaf's contributions have been invaluable in this regard. Additionally, their assistance in marketing vacation rentals has been valuable. While we manage some photography internally, teaming up with professionals for drone videos, interior tours, and most of our marketing photography, has proven to be a wise decision. We wholeheartedly recommend Nels for all your photography needs.

Robert Westholder Custom Home Care

To say that Bob is one of the best jack-of-all trades handyman and sub-contractors in the area would be a serious understatement. Bob has done many various projects for our owners and Real Estate clients over the years. There is simply not room here to list them all; however, when it comes to inside and outside home maintenance, repair, and remodeling he has been a life saver for us. Again, our extended team is made up of folks that will immediately drop everything and run to do a repair if we have issues and guests. Bob and Heather also do mowing, snow removal, beach cleanup, tree trimming….honestly, there is nothing I have found they can’t do and they work 24/7 as needed to get things done if there is a time crunch with a guest!

Patriot HVAC & Plumbing

Vaughn, Alex and the Patriot team are nothing short of amazing! With what we do for vacation rentals, we need 24/7 service and folks that can interact positively & professionally with our guests and owners. Patriot has jumped to help us many times over the last two years. There is nothing they can't do when it comes to HVAC and plumbing. I have seen them run to a rental at 11PM on a Friday night scrambling to fix an AC for our guests. Seriously, the hardest working team I have seen!

Malissa Tandeski Local Real Estate Loan Specialist

The team at Deearwood bank are some of the most creative, friendly, and hard working people I know. Most buyers are amazed at some of the options they have- included 3% conventional (so we don't have work with FHA appraisal requirements i.e. chipped paint etc.) No money down RD loans, grants, and many other traditional and creative solutions. Contact Malissa to get started!

Cabin Guardian

Cabin Guardian is the company we use for all of our housekeeping, laundry, stocking, and light maintenance services. In full disclosure, my wife Kari and I own it. We believe Cabin Guardians is the only specialized cleaning company in the area that was 100% developed and created to effectively and efficiently manage short term rental turns. There are many specialized processes and systems we have developed to make things work. From stocking, to damage checks, to cabin checks, to outside clean up, to laundry service etc. Depending on the the time of year, we have about 10 housekeepers. We believe this our investment and determination to have control over the entire guests experience from start to finish, is exactly why we have been able to maintain a 4.9 rating on Airbnb over several hundreds bookings!


Nate, from Site Flight, has been an indispensable partner for us in managing our websites, online marketing, and direct booking efforts for short-term rentals. I have a personal background in web building and online marketing, but Nate's expertise far surpasses anything I could do. We've received commendations from third-party web marketers and SEO experts on the quality and design of our site, which speaks volumes about Nate's skill and professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a modern and professional website.