Morrison County Implements a STR License, Inspection, and Regulations

As of 2024, Morrison County has implemented a short-term rental license. We operate in five different counties in central Minnesota, each with its own approach to short-term rental licensing. Crow Wing County has historically been the most accommodating towards our industry. However, Mille Lacs County’s requirement for ADA compliance presents challenges for potential investors, as non-compliance may hinder property licensing. Aitkin County mandates a conditional use permit process, which has been reasonable and amicable in practice. Until recently, Morrison lacked a formal licensing structure. Now, a short-term rental license is mandated through the Health and Human Services Department, mirroring some processes in other counties and overall it seems to be simple and fair.

MN Real Estate and Management consistently advocate for fair and balanced licensing and regulations. We collaborate closely with townships and counties to foster mutual understanding and encourage industry self-regulation. We are open to discussing concerning regulations or any concerns pertaining to short term rentals.

The Morrison County license notably impacts current and future VRBOs, particularly concerning bedroom and sleeping arrangements. Additionally, compliance with insurance requirements, safety standards (such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors), water and septic testing, electrical outlets, and subjective inspector criteria for structural and mechanical integrity are necessary.

Our support for regulation stems from years of advocacy and participation in township meetings. Balanced regulation prevents more severe restrictions or outright bans on short-term rentals. Our strategies aim to foster positive relationships with neighbors and communities to mitigate potential issues. Morrison County’s approach is generally favorable, combining elements from Mille Lacs and Crow Wing counties.

To access the official Health and Human Services letter and vacation home plan review and licensing application from Morrison County, click the link below. Currently, these documents are distributed via email rather than available online. Please contact us with any inquiries or if you are considering developing a short-term rental in Morrison County.

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