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Check out the details of our unique and aggressive buyer process below! We know that some of the most common comments from buyers are that the agent seemed “rushed” “pushy” “just wanted to get a deal done” or “manipulated” the situation to create a quick or easy pay day! We are dedicated to changing that perception! 

We have developed innovative buyer services that are simply up and beyond what most brokerages are willing to do.

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In our area, there are hundreds of buyer agents to choose from. However, many buyers mistakenly believe that a buyer agent’s role is merely to unlock doors and fill out paperwork. The reality is that numerous complexities and significant concerns can arise during the property purchasing process. Buying a property can either be a fulfilling experience or a financially and emotionally devastating ordeal.

We recognize that for most clients, buying a property represents a monumental, life-changing decision. The level of trust our clients place in us is deeply humbling. Unlike some buyer agents who resort to pressure tactics and manipulation to close deals, we prioritize our fiduciary duties to our clients above all else. That’s why we’re committed to educating our clients every step of the way, providing them with detailed insights and information.

From the initial search for a property to skillful negotiation for the best possible price, from thorough and professional inspections to ensuring a seamless path to closing, we have developed unique systems to assist our buyers at every step. We believe in earning both the trust and the commission we receive through our unwavering care and dedication to each client who trusts us.

Give us a call today so we can begin understanding your unique situation and goals as a buyer. We’re here to support you through every stage of the home-buying journey. You will never get any pressure or manipulation from us when it comes to such a huge personal decision!

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“A few years from now, when the dust has settled and the folks we are working know everything there is to know about the situation, will they still be thanking us and referring family and friends our way? We are committed to the belief that “one deal does not make a career!” We need to do an impressive enough job that folks are referring friends and family to us for the next 20 years!”

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It takes experience, perspective, and determination on the part of the buyer agent to win in this market. The Agent MUST be willing to put the time and work in to be successful and we help each buyer, step-by-step, from the beginning of the search through closing! Our job is to watch your back every step of the way! We aggressively negotiate the lowest price possible!

Below our some details on our buyer services!

Over recent years, the primary grievance voiced by dissatisfied buyers has centered on feeling they’ve missed out on their dream properties due to their former buyer agents’ lack of responsiveness. Recognizing the critical importance of swift action in today’s competitive market, we prioritize immediate responses, often arranging property viewings within hours of a listing’s appearance to ensure our clients have every opportunity to be the first in the property. By programming the MLS and receiving instant notifications of new listings, we underscore the urgency of this process. Whether conducting agent views or virtual tours, we’re committed to preventing missed opportunities, ensuring our clients never lose out due to a lack of agent initiative. We have this listed first in our process to emphasize the importance of this commitment.

Taking the time to get to know you and your “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” will streamline our search process, ultimately boosting the likelihood of discovering your ideal property. Given the current intense competition in the market, time is a precious asset. If you’re uncertain about specific details, there’s no need to fret; as we explore various properties together, we’ll collaboratively refine your preferences, helping you discern your likes and dislikes with greater clarity. Sometimes it takes looking at several properties for buyers to really come to an understanding of what they feel is a must and what they can compromise on. However, we do our best to get to understand what you are dreaming of at the beginning of our search.

We insist that every client we engage with possesses a clear understanding of what to anticipate throughout their real estate process. Minnesota stands out as a state at the forefront of establishing requirements and laws aimed at safeguarding both buyers and sellers in real estate. To uphold this standard, we dedicate some time to educating each prospective client about the agents’ responsibilities and obligations when representing them. We firmly believe that this approach fosters trust and empowers buyers to ask pertinent questions and make well-informed decisions confidently. We present the MN required disclosures and other appropriate paperwork in our first meeting. Sometimes this is face-to-face. Sometimes it is all virtual. 

In today’s market, obtaining a pre-approval letter is imperative for buyers intending to submit an offer on a property. While it involves a more thorough process than mere “prequalification,” it’s an essential step to ensure that potential sellers understand their time won’t be wasted, and they won’t overlook another viable offer for one that may not reach closing. Without prequalification, viewing properties is like window shopping without money. While we’re always open to discussions and showing properties, it’s unreasonable to expect sellers to entertain offers without confirmed financing. Leveraging our strong relationships with local banks, we can guide buyers toward the right loan officers to kickstart the process. Additionally, if there are any financial loose ends to tie up, we have resources available for assistance. Moreover, we can explore avenues such as city, county, or state grant programs to potentially assist with down payments.

You’ll receive instant updates on all current listings that match your search criteria, ensuring you stay informed of any new properties hitting the market within minutes. These updates are conveniently sent to your phone, allowing you to promptly notify us whenever you’re interested in viewing a property. Given the intense competition in today’s market, we’re dedicated to getting you out there within hours of a new listing appearing. At the same time, we recognize that many buyers actively search online through platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com. We embrace the team effort and welcome your active involvement, believing that the more eyes on the search, the better chance we have of finding your perfect property.

Often, our buyers are located out of state, hours away, or tied up with busy schedules. We are committed to assisting you even when you cannot physically be present to view properties. Whether it’s through personalized videos or virtual showings, we strive to streamline the process and save you valuable time. In instances where clients have purchased from a distance, especially in time-sensitive multi-offer scenarios, we have facilitated transactions seamlessly. While we strongly advocate for buyers to personally visit properties whenever feasible, we understand the constraints of distance and time. Rest assured, we are here to conduct thorough property evaluations on behalf of remote buyers, ensuring they avoid potential wasted time on properties that may not align with their needs.

In certain instances, our clients seek out properties that are truly unique and specific to their needs. Take, for example, scenarios where buyers express a strong desire to acquire a property on a particular lake, which has few listings that come up on it. In such cases, we go the extra mile by exploring alternative platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Zillow, and various other avenues to uncover properties listed by owners. Additionally, we’ve been known to employ unconventional methods like dropping postcards, distributing door hangers, and individually reaching out to potential sellers to diligently “beat the bushes” and bridge the gap between a prospective seller and the right buyer. Rest assured, we’re fully committed to going above and beyond to unearth the opportunities you seek.

We consider it a primary responsibility to ensure our clients do not overpay for a property. To achieve this, we conduct analyses of the property’s history, evaluate past and present comparable properties, and discuss potential improvements and how market cycle timing may effort the property’s value in the future. This approach helps us determine if the price aligns with our clients’ long-term investment goals. Unlike many other buyer agents who may shy away from this process due to the possibility of recommending a lower offer or moving on from a property, we adhere to a guiding principle: prioritizing our clients’ best interests. Our unwavering commitment to this long-term perspective distinguishes us from competitors who rely on high-pressure tactics to create a pay day for themselves. There can be urgency in multiple offer situations and there are times we put in a very strong offer within an hour of viewing a property, but that is always balanced with making sure we fulfilling our fiduciary duties of “loyalty” and “reasonable care” with each buyer.

One of our primary obligations is to assist our buyers in securing a property at the lowest price possible! Leveraging our market expertise, comparables analysis, and other relevant factors, we negotiated aggressively.  There are instances where we proactively provide comparables to the seller’s agent, which can sway the seller to accept a lower offer than anticipated. Real estate negotiations often resemble a game of poker, where skillful playing of one’s hand is crucial. We believe that if we can save our clients $10k, $20k, or more through assertive negotiations, we have effectively fulfilled our role as agents. Naturally, this approach is always tempered by considerations such as the property’s competitiveness, potential competing offers, and our client’s preferences and directions.

We consider several critical factors when drafting a purchase agreement on behalf of their client. Firstly, we assess the market conditions and comparable property prices to ensure the offer is competitive yet favorable for the buyer. We consider the condition, potential repairs or renovations, and any associated costs. Additionally, we carefully review all terms and contingencies within the agreement, such as financing terms, inspection contingencies, and timelines, to safeguard the buyer’s interests and mitigate potential risks. We also negotiate skillfully with the seller’s agent to secure favorable terms and conditions, striving to achieve the best possible outcome for their client. Purchasing a property can be stressful and we take the time to educate our client on every option, addressing any ambiguities that could lead to complications down the line. We create a purchase agreement that aligns with the client’s needs and objectives while providing protection and peace of mind. .

We always respect our buyers’ decisions and preferences; however, we strongly advise conducting a comprehensive inspection of the property when representing a buyer. We maintain a network of trusted inspectors whom we recommend, though the final choice always rests with the buyer. Our goal is to ensure that the buyer comprehends every aspect of the property, down to “every bent nail.” A thorough inspection helps to mitigate risks and alleviates anxieties associated with purchasing. Should any concerning issues arise that were not previously disclosed, we can engage in negotiations with the sellers to address and rectify them, followed by a reinspection. Alternatively, we may renegotiate for a lower price, or the buyer may opt to walk away if significant, unforeseen expenses emerge. It’s important to note that we do not condone or endorse buyers submitting purchase agreements with the intention of renegotiating for a lower price post-inspection. This practice is unfair to the seller. Typically, we prefer to structure inspections as pass/fail. However, proceeding with a property purchase without a thorough inspection heightens the potential risks for the buyer.

Once we’ve secured an accepted and signed Purchase Agreement, we meticulously guide you through each step of the process to ensure a seamless closing. Teaming up with reputable local closing firms, we maintain open communication and collaborate closely with our clients to navigate towards a successful closing, always prioritizing their best interests.

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