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We have no gimmicks or high-pressure tactics. We simply work harder and do more than the competition. We use a combination of cutting-edge home marketing tactics alongside old-school local networking to bring you the best results. 

For us it's about living by our values, using the right systems & a lot hard work!

Our marketing is aggressive & unique! Our results are proven!

Many Brokerages build systems and push tactics to create as many Dual Agency situations as possible! This allows the Brokerage to get both sides of the sale. It is referred to as “hogging” in the industry. We feel that in most situations these tactics benefit the Realtor, but do not always serve the client’s best interest. Our sold price compared to county accessed value is an objective way to prove who is getting the highest price possible! We are proud to be way above average in that measurement! 

“Real Estate Reinvented” isn’t just a motto for us. There are hundreds of agents in the area, and anyone can simply throw your property on the MLS. We’ve taken the freedom to innovate, using our core values and expertise to develop truly distinctive and effective strategies. Our focus remains on achieving optimal prices for clients, while keeping commissions as low as possible. Many brokerages rely on gimmicks and hype to attract sellers, we urge you to inquire about the specific marketing strategies they employ for your property. Selecting the right selling partner can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in a sellers bottom line so making the investment in finding the right Selling Brokerage is well worthwhile.

“An educated seller wants 1000’s of potential buyers to view the property in the first week! This is all done online- so a proven and aggressive marketing strategy must be used to get the highest amount possible!

We work to keep commission fair & as low as possible!

There are many advantages to being a small, “boutique” Real Estate Brokerage, rather than buying into one of the big “business in a box” franchises. One of those advantages is the freedom to be creative and treat each person we work as an individual. Technology and the internet is going to continue to drastically change what our industry looks like, and we feel most Brokerages are still stuck in the processes, systems, and expectations that worked great through the 80s, 90s, and into the 21st century, but simply will not be sustainable over the next 10 to 20 years. Contact us to discuss the specifics of our “a la carte” approach and you will find we not only have some of the lowest selling commissions in the area, but we have developed specific strategies to help keep costs down and put as much money as possible in our clients’ pocket!”

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Contact us to discuss any details of our unique and proven listing strategies! We encourage you to compare us with our competition!

Compare our marketing systems to any of our competitors in town! We are confident that you will agree that NO ONE works harder to get your home sold for the highest price possible! As fast as possible! With the least hassle & risk. 

We provide a, no pressure, free assessment for your property, complete with analyses comparing it to recently sold properties and those currently listed. This ensures you get the most precise valuation possible. We take the time to get to know you and get an understanding of the unique features of your property. We take into consideration the positives and negatives compared to others on the market. We also consider your goals, desired time frames, and what you want to achieve with your sale. We are known among our colleges as one of the most aggressive Listing Brokerages in the area & we are proud of that reputation. It is our job to get the absolute most money possible for our clients who are selling! We do not play the game of low balling the value for a quick easy sale- unless our clients direct us to do so!

Prior to photography and a firm price opinion we give written recommendations concerning repairs and maintenance.  Buyers typically arrange for a home inspection to evaluate the property’s condition, often resulting in repair requests. Identifying the factors that prompt these requests is vital for a smooth transaction. Just as important, implementing low-cost maintenance and repairs can significantly enhance a home’s curb appeal, attracting more potential buyers and potentially leading to higher offers. While we always honor the preference to sell “as is” and respect each of our sellers situation and ability to get things fixed up front, we provide expert guidance and empower them to make informed decisions, particularly concerning properties within the prevalent FHA market where upfront condition plays a significant role in the ability for a buyer to get the loan.

In the past two decades, technology has fundamentally transformed Real Estate, with the initial property showing now occurring online. Consequently, the significance of staging, photography, and videos has become much more important. Any experienced broker can recount instances where inadequate marketing efforts led to missed opportunities for higher prices. Our role is to collaborate with sellers to prepare and present properties in the best possible light. Even minor staging adjustments, like decluttering or painting, can elicit a better emotional response from potential buyers, potentially translating to significantly higher prices for our sellers. While we always respect sellers’ preferences and circumstances, our primary responsibility remains advising them on strategies to maximize their property’s value without resorting to pressure tactics.

In today’s competitive market, the significance of high-quality photos and videos in attracting potential buyers cannot be overstated. That’s why we’ve forged a partnership with one of the top Real Estate photography firms in the region, covering all marketing expenses. Well-crafted visuals are crucial; poorly taken or inaccurate photos can deter interested buyers. Enhance your leads. According to the National Association of Realtors, professionally photographed homes receive 40% more leads compared to those with amateur photos. While some agents still rely on cellphone snapshots, the majority of properties warrant superior visuals including photos, videos, and detailed descriptions to effectively showcase their unique features and attract discerning buyers.

One of our standout strategies is our dedication to going above and beyond by creating a personalized walk-through video featuring the listing agent showcasing the property. This is a unique approach we’ve developed that has successfully sold numerous homes faster and for higher prices. We simply don’t trust that the buyer agent will possess the intimate knowledge, care, or experience to represent your property as effectively. Some realtors excel at problem-solving, educating buyers on specific concerns, and fostering transparent communication to facilitate negotiations, while others may not. That’s why we produce a video showcasing us actively selling your property as if presenting it to a client, leveraging it for marketing purposes and sharing it with interested agents and potential buyers. This can significantly influence the right buyer’s decision to visit the property, setting it apart from the multitude of other options they may be considering.

While it’s true that individual property websites have somewhat fallen out of favor in recent years due to the proliferation of online platforms like Zillow and, we still believe that certain properties can benefit greatly from this personalized approach. By creating a dedicated website, we have the freedom to showcase the property with unlimited space and content, utilizing both online and offline marketing strategies. Like our seller agent walk-through videos, these websites provide an effective way to attract and sell to buyers who may be out of state or lack a readily available buyer agent to visit the property in person. We had buyers decide to fly in to see a property because they gained enough interest after watching and looking at our comprehensive marketing.

Whenever feasible, and at the seller’s request, we offer for the selling agent to be present at every showing. However, it’s worth noting that most buyer agents are hesitant about having a selling agent around during property viewings. Pushing the issue can be counterproductive. We believe this reluctance may stem from a lack of comprehensive understanding of Minnesota fiduciary duties and Realtor Ethics. Nevertheless, some agents, particularly those who are newer, sometimes welcome assistance and guidance. We typically extend this offer, especially for more intricate or high-end properties where our presence may be deemed appropriate.

This is yet another aspect where we distinguish ourselves from other brokerages in the area, prioritizing the best interests of our sellers. While it’s customary for seller agents to demand a significant referral fee from buyer agent brokerages for property showings, we recognize that many of our top buyers come from the metro area or even out of state. Consequently, numerous sales opportunities are missed because buyer agents may be too occupied or unwilling to travel to the area for showings. While the tactics we’ve discussed can help drive showings, we always offer to conduct in person or virtual showings for no referral fee upon request from a buyer agent. This proactive approach has resulted in multiple sales that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Our fiduciary duty to our sellers is paramount, and we prioritize getting their property sold without succumbing to what we see is greedy tactics that can get in the way of your best interests. We remain committed to acting in the best interests of our clients, which includes showing any potential buyer a property we represent. However, we strongly advise that the buyer agent visits the property with the buyer before drafting an offer.

We use social media campaigns, particularly on platforms like Facebook, to effectively promote properties for sale. Through strategic targeting, we harness the reach and targeting capabilities of Facebook to showcase properties. With virtual tours and live streams, we generate buzz and capture the interest of potential buyers. We target demographics based on location, interests, and behaviors, ensuring maximum exposure to individuals most likely to be interested in the property. Often, we can facilitate organic exposure and word-of-mouth referrals. Through our comprehensive approach to social media marketing, we elevate the visibility of properties, driving interest and ultimately successful sales transactions for our clients.

Open houses, once a staple tactic, have somewhat diminished in common practice amidst the current robust seller’s market. They possess both advantages and disadvantages in terms of promotion, primarily serving as a platform for networking. Agents often appreciate them as opportunities to connect with potential clients and exchange contact information with prospective buyers. Nonetheless, we’ve successfully sold properties through open houses and remain enthusiastic about them if our sellers are amenable. Occasionally, a buyer may chance upon an open house sign and decide to stop in. We employ various methods to promote open houses, including leveraging social media for heightened visibility during the home-selling process. While we typically defer to the seller’s preference, we are always eager to organize an open house and believe it can still be a worthwhile effort for certain properties.

As we always emphasize, the Brainerd lakes area has hundreds of Realtors, each representing numerous potential buyers at any given time. To enhance our networking efforts with potential buyer agents who may have suitable matches for your property, we employ behind-the-scenes strategies. One notable shift in the industry over the past decade is that buyers often view properties online before their agents and then contact them to schedule a viewing—a practice we view as somewhat counterintuitive. We believe a proactive buyer agent should diligently monitor new listings and price reductions, promptly notifying potential buyers. However, this proactive approach isn’t always the norm. One tactic we employ is compiling a list of 20 or so agents who have listed similar properties over the previous year and reaching out to them. This outreach sometimes yields buyers who missed out on previous listings or agents who are aware of prospective buyers. This behind-the-scenes effort relies heavily on networking and reputation, leveraging our familiarity with the majority of agents in our market to potentially get showings through emails or phone calls to the right agents.

At any given time, we typically work with various buyers, including specific investors, past renters, and others. Particularly through our management services, we may have the ideal buyer for your property at the opportune moment. However, we take pride in avoiding manipulation of situations to facilitate dual agency. While there are instances where dual agency is both ethical and beneficial for all parties involved, we believe many brokerages tend to overuse it. To get both sides of the commission at the potential cost of a seller waking away with less money than they could have. Ultimately, in the vast majority of cases, it is in the seller’s best interest to expose the property to a wide audience—potentially thousands of individuals on the market—to identify the most motivated buyer capable of presenting the highest offer.

While we choose not to employ what some perceive as a “bait and switch” marketing strategy to attract listings with the promise of a guaranteed cash sale, we also maintain a network of cash investors who specialize in flipping and renting properties. Some of these investors specifically seek out properties with issues, recognizing the potential in properties that are not move-in ready. We are always open to evaluating any property, adapting our approach to meet the unique needs and situation of each seller, and exploring creative solutions in the best interest of our clients. This may involve simply connecting sellers with the right investors to facilitate a cash deal and streamline the process. In most cases, after sellers are thoroughly educated on the market and the potential of their property, they agree that listing it is in their best interest. We have a reputation for our willingness to list properties in any condition and make the most out of each situation.

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