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Do you own a lakefront property in central Minnesota that often remains vacant for weeks at a time? Consider transforming your property into a lucrative vacation rental by partnering with Minnesota Real Estate and Management. We simply fill it up when you’re not there. We do everything and transfer the profit into your bank account! We specialize not only in facilitating the buying and selling of vacation homes for investors but also boast a proven track record of developing and managing more than 50 properties in the Brainerd Lakes Area over the past several years!

We have developed many unique and proven strategies! Contact us and we will help you discern if our services may be a good fit for you!

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We've earned the Airbnb Superhost status for 3 consecutive years! That's a 4.9+ star rating over all properties!

Contact us and we will answer your questions and give you the best advice we possibly can.

We NEVER sell someone on our services. What we do is a close partnership with owners and over the years, I have seen the “good, the bad, and the ugly” when it comes to the short-term rental industry. We have spent a lot of time solving the issues that come up and developing unique systems and strategies to find, develop, market, and improve vacation home rentals.

The day-to-today success of a vacation rental is often much more complicated than most realize when they first start considering it. We are open to more partnerships with the right owners and properties; however, we don’t hype, pressure, push, or sell our management services.

One of the keys to our success is owning are own housekeeping company!

The most challenging aspect of operating a successful vacation rental is undoubtedly the housekeeping. It entails not just cleaning but also stocking, maintaining the yard and beach, tending to the firepit and grill, conducting damage assessments, communicating issues and requirements, handling laundry, and sometimes managing multiple turnovers in a single day. A key factor in our success has been owning our own housekeeping company, Cabin Guardians, which grants us full control over every aspect from start to finish. This enables us to minimize costs and ensure guest satisfaction. We’ve developed numerous systems and processes to guarantee that both our property owners and guests are content with the day-to-day management of our vacation rentals. Get in touch with us to discover more about the specifics of our cleaning company and its pivotal role in our success!

We market 30+ vacation rentals across 17 different platforms

We actively manage a growing list of 30+ vacation rentals in the Brainerd Lakes area. Every home that we manage is special and every owner is unique. 

  • Listing management through 17+ platforms
  • Video tours, photography, and staging
  • Direct bookings & individual websites

We create extensive content for every property!

Our systems and processes are unique and proven!

Navigating the specifics steps of selecting, developing, and managing the day-to-day of a thriving short-term rental is a discussion of numerous details and processes. Typically, it requires several discussions to determine whether our services align with your needs. Nonetheless, we’ve outlined essential aspects for your consideration. Over the years, we’ve developed various systems and processes to address the many issues and nuances of Vacation Home Management. Within each process lie numerous factors to contemplate, as we’ve come to understand that every property and owner is unique, and we tailor our management and processes as much as possible. Reach out to us for a comprehensive discussion on any facet of short-term management.

If you are even casually exploring or considering a vacation rental, give us call! We can certainly give you good advice and perspective. You will NEVER get any hype or pressure from us. We have a genuine passion for the short-term rental industry and welcome you to reach out to us anytime via phone or email. Our approach revolves around forming close partnerships with property owners, and when the fit is right, the results are fantastic. However, we recognize that not every partnership is comfortable, so we are very careful and overly conservative in our conversations up front. We frequently speak with individuals who are contemplating purchasing a property for rental purposes or current owners who are exploring their options. It’s not uncommon for these conversations to span over a year or two until the timing is right for the owners. We insist on detailed discussions about the day-to-day operations to ensure that everyone involved maintains realistic expectations. We refrain from overselling our services or inflating the potential profits of a property. Our primary objective is to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. While a vacation rental presents a lucrative opportunity, we are committed to collaborating with the right individuals. In some cases, we may even recommend alternative options, including our competitors, if we believe it better suits an owner’s  needs.

Part of the evaluation process for most property owners involves our comprehensive property analysis. We visited the property and meet with the owners to determine the most effective setup for the property as a rental, aiming for optimal performance. Additionally, we provide as accurate projections as possible regarding the property’s potential performance in the market. We always stress we can never make any guarantees of performance, but usually have a ballpark compared to comparable places. I often emphasize that what we offer is more than just a rental property—we sell an experience. The distinction between a well-developed and managed rental and one that is not can be immense. Therefore, in the early stages, we explore the strengths and weaknesses of each individual rental and strategize the best approaches for its setup. With experience as both a broker and property manager, I have overseen the development of over 50 rentals at two different brokerages over the last several years. This background provides us with valuable insights into a property’s potential performance and the steps required to maximize its rental potential. Many factors contribute to creating a successful and profitable rental. While some properties we handle are nearly ready for the rental market, others may require some work and set up. Throughout the process, we offer guidance and assistance to property owners every step of the way.

When it comes to property setup, you can count on us. With years of experience developing 50+ properties and gathering feedback from thousands of guests, we’ve developed comprehensive lists and guidelines for getting a property ready. These resources cover many items that may not initially come to mind for property owners until guests request them or raise concerns about missing and expected amenities. A significant part of our early involvement is offering advice and assistance as needed. We’ve successfully set up properties remotely, even starting from empty houses with out-of-state owners. Leveraging our management company, cleaning company staff, and extensive network of local professionals and associates, we’re well-equipped to provide any support required to ensure your property is fully prepared.

We assist every owner in navigating the complexities of safety, legal, and licensing matters concerning their property. This includes addressing various issues such as insurance requirements, compliance with safety codes, septic regulations, and other necessary steps during the startup phase.

We take pride in maintaining the most stringent rental agreement in the industry. This agreement serves as a crucial tool to deter guests who may pose risks of property damage or disturbance to neighbors, while also helping to ensure safety. Recognizing the unique needs of each property and owner, we begin with a highly detailed rental agreement for our guests, tailoring it accordingly. Addressing a multitude of legal, safety, insurance, and day-to-day concerns, a robust rental agreement is essential. Owners retain the flexibility to establish rules they deem suitable, whether it involves pet permissions or other property-specific regulations. Our rental agreement incorporates two liability waivers and protective measures to ensure the comfort of neighbors and the community throughout our guests’ stay. Please feel free to reach out to us for further discussion regarding this aspect of our services.

One of the investments we make with a new rental property is high-quality videos and photography. We’ve dedicated tens of thousands of dollars to marketing initiatives and systems aimed at maximizing returns for our property owners. One component of this investment is the creation of top-notch photos and videos. While this marketing content is utilized across various platforms, primarily on rental websites, it’s important to note that this is just one of several expenses we cover ourselves without passing the cost onto our owners. We make every effort to minimize costs during the development and onboarding process of a new property. Depending on the owner’s preferences, this preparation phase can take weeks, if not months, requiring significant effort and sometimes a financial investment, particularly for certain properties. From our end, we also commit a considerable amount of time and resources to these endeavors. Our marketing efforts serve as just one example of our dedication to ensuring the success of each rental property.

Like many short-term rental management companies, we’ve partnered with a software platform that extends our reach across various websites. While we continually assess different software and websites, it’s generally safe to assume that for a new property, a significant portion of traffic, apart from direct bookings from our existing pool of 1500+ past guests, will originate from prominent OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). While we avoid some platforms due to their costs, we typically list on Airbnb, VRBO via the Expedia network, HomeAway, Google Vacation, and usually around 15 or more others at any given time. Our owners have access to an owner portal where they can view everything, block personal use time, and more. Additionally, we provide a guest portal with extensive information for our guests. It’s important to note that we have multiple ongoing efforts and investments focused on increasing bookings from past guests, which offers several advantages along with lower costs.

While some companies may offer a lower level of service, necessitating more day-to-day involvement from their owners, our success, reputation, and ranking on the platforms we market on are significantly influenced by our ability to comprehensively manage every aspect of the guest experience. Unlike many short-term rental companies, especially franchises, who often outsource portions of their processes, sometimes overseas, to cut costs, we adhere to a different approach. We firmly believe that retaining control over the relationship, communication, and overall guest treatment is an essential part of our responsibilities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like further clarification on this matter. Our owners simply log in to block the time they want to use and we take care of the rest! 

Part of the strategy of deterring troublesome guests who could potentially cause damage, host parties, or disrupt neighbors lies in our approach to the marketing process. We’ve crafted the most stringent rental agreement in the industry, serving as a tool in mitigating potential issues and deterring problematic guests. Over time, we’ve fine-tuned our procedures to effectively screen and deter guests who may pose risks to the property or community. In the rare instance of issues arising, we have established protocols to hold guests accountable. One central tactic in our screening strategy involves leveraging OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) that provide two-way rankings, allowing us to inquire and review guests’ past stays.

Despite ever effort in place, occasional (although much rarer than most owners expect) damage or missing items from guests can still occur when managing a vacation rental. We have established processes to address such situations and take every possible step to hold the guest accountable, requiring them to pay for and replace any damage or missing items. Additionally, we offer another layer of protection for our owners to consider: accidental damage coverage, which covers up to $5,000 in damage if a guest accidentally breaks or takes something. While damage incidents are rare and most of our owners opt not to choose the extra coverage, we do provide this option for those who prefer to have an additional layer of protection in place.

One of the many ways we distinguish ourselves from most similar management companies is our decision not to outsource. We manage every inquiry, question, and guest communication in-house. We believe this approach is essential for creating the most seamless guest experience and delivering the quality of management our owners expect from us. While some of our local competitors rely on call centers and outsourced staff from around the world to handle guest communication, we firmly believe that this is not the optimal approach for our type of business.

All guest communication is exclusively managed by MN RE&M. Additionally, every guest who has stayed with us has been provided with my (Mike Fish) personal cell phone number and encouraged to call or text 24/7 if they have any questions or issues. This approach demands significant effort and a strong commitment, but it’s a factor contributing to our success.

The most challenging aspect of operating a successful vacation rental is undoubtedly the housekeeping. It entails not just cleaning but also stocking, maintaining the yard and beach, tending to the firepit and grill, conducting damage assessments, communicating issues and requirements, handling laundry, and sometimes managing multiple turnovers in a single day. A key factor in our success has been owning our own housekeeping company, Cabin Guardians, which grants us full control over every aspect from start to finish. This enables us to minimize costs and ensure guest satisfaction. We’ve developed numerous systems and processes to guarantee that both our property owners and guests are content with the day-to-day management of our vacation rentals. Get in touch with us to discover more about the specifics of our cleaning company and its pivotal role in our success!

One of our standout features as a management company is our creation of individual direct booking websites for each property. These standalone websites, valued between $3,000 and $5,000, serve as essential tools for facilitating smooth repeat bookings and direct marketing across various platforms. Investing in the development and maintenance of these websites is integral to our approach for every property we manage. These direct booking websites form part of a broader marketing strategy aimed at fostering long-term relationships with our guests and delivering a superior return on investment for our property owners. While these websites can be utilized for any direct marketing efforts, they are primarily featured on our brokerage website and utilized for repeat bookings from guests.

Past guest follow-up is another integral component of our marketing efforts. With approximately 1500 past guests, we maintain regular communication with them, striving to encourage their return year after year. Our goal is to secure as many direct bookings as possible, not only to minimize marketing costs but also to enhance our owners’ bottom line.

Each owner has unique expectations and requirements regarding both indoor and outdoor maintenance, including tasks such as lawn mowing, snow removal, spring and fall cleanup, dock services, beach maintenance, pest control, and overall home upkeep. We provide guidance, coordination, and collaborative efforts with each owner to ensure seamless operations and effective communication.

With thousands of transactions annually, layers of taxes to collect, and numerous expenses to track, short-term rental management demands meticulous bookkeeping and financial management. We invest tens of thousands of dollars each year to ensure that highly qualified financial professionals handle the numbers and allocate funds correctly and promptly. Our owners receive a monthly statement and have their earnings transferred via ACH to their bank accounts. At the end of the year, we provide each owner with a 1099 form detailing their net income.

Aside from broad market changes, a well-managed property should experience year-over-year growth in its returns. While certain areas and seasons may be impacted by market shifts, our properties typically show an overall increase in numbers annually. For owners who aspire to enhance and develop their rentals further, we collaborate closely with them to implement incremental improvements each year, taking into account their financial circumstances and motivation to progress. Contact us to get your questions answered today! 

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You have a huge opportunity to make your cabin a profitable income stream. It usually takes a lot of work, knowledge, and years of trial and error. That’s not the case when you work with us. We are your shortcut to a successful short-term rental.