The Crucial Role of Professional Videos, Photography, and MN Real Estate's Unique Approach!

In the competitive world of real estate, simply listing a property on the MLS and hoping for the best isn’t enough. MN Real Estate and Management goes above and beyond in how we represent your property. The vast majority of the time now days, the first showing in today’s market happens online. We take pride in meeting each seller where they are at, tailoring our services and strategies to their situation and comfort level. Our primary goal is to secure the highest possible price for your property, and the staging and media used in your marketing can make the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. The bottom line is the importance of professional videos and photos cannot be overstated. We partner up with top quality Real Estate Photographers to create the quality marketing that fits the needs of each seller.

Sellers much understand that a large portion of our buyers come from the metro or out of state. In fact, over half of the homes we’ve sold in the last few years have been to out-of-state buyers. Some of them buy sight unseen simply from the marketing and the assistance of a trusted buyer agent. The way buyers search for properties has evolved significantly, with many relying on websites such as Zillow and In today’s digital era, where the first impression often happens online, employing high-quality visuals such as drone photography, interior and exterior photos, walkthrough videos, and video tours is essential for effectively showcasing properties and attracting potential buyers.

  1. Captivating Aerial Perspectives with Drone Photography: Drone photography offers a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of properties, providing potential buyers with a unique perspective of the landscape, neighborhood, and property features. In Central Minnesota, where scenic beauty and spacious landscapes abound, drone photography can highlight the property’s surroundings, proximity to lakes, parks, and other natural attractions. This immersive experience can significantly enhance the appeal of a listing, enticing buyers to explore further. Especially with lake homes, the highest and best offer will likely come from a buyer who has an emotional response to the property. They need to “love it” and be able to envision themselves enjoying it, and that often starts with good drone videos.
  2. Showcasing Interior and Exterior Features: Interior and exterior photographs are the cornerstone of any real estate listing. Professionally captured images that showcase the property’s unique features, architectural details, and living spaces are crucial for capturing buyers’ attention. We have a very diverse range of properties, from lake homes to cabins to cottages to modern homes. An experienced listing agent and Real Estate photography understand that attention to detail in photography effectively communicates the charm and character of each property. By showcasing the property in its best light, these visuals help create an emotional connection with potential buyers, driving interest and inquiries. We need them to put the property in the “maybe” or “have to see” category at first glance.
  3. Immersive Walkthrough Videos: Walkthrough videos offer a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing potential buyers to virtually tour the property from the comfort of their own homes. In Central Minnesota, where many buyers come from the metro area or out of state, these videos play a pivotal role in facilitating remote viewings and attracting long-distance buyers. By providing a comprehensive overview of the property’s layout, flow, and feel, walkthrough videos enable buyers to envision themselves living in the space, making them more likely to schedule an in-person viewing.
  4. Engaging Video Tours: This is an area in which MN Real Estate and Management has developed some unique strategies. Some of the details, we are not going to share here; however, we create videos of the Listing Agents showing the property to a virtual buyer. Many times over the years, this effort has proven to be one of the main tools that sold a property. No one is going to care as much, or know the property as well as the listing agent. The video is not allowed on the MLS but sent to all prospective buyer agents and buyers. Video tours take property marketing to the next level by offering a creating a narrative that guides viewers through the home’s key features and highlights. In Central Minnesota’s competitive real estate market, video tours help listings stand out. Many times we have been told by a buyer agent that the buyer chose to take the time and effort to view or set up a showing because of our detailed Listing agent video tours. It gives us a chance to not only highlight the strength of the property but also overcome up front the areas that might be a concern or need a negotiated solution. So many times a buyer agent does not set up a showing because they see a concern with a property for their buyer, and they don’t think outside the box. Then the next agent comes in, is creative, works with the listing agent and a great deal is put together for both sides.


The Shift to Online Viewings: In today’s digital age, the vast majority of homebuyers begin their search online, with many making decisions based on the quality and appeal of the listing photos and videos. This is especially true for buyers from the metro area or out of state, who rely heavily on online resources to explore properties before scheduling in-person viewings. As the first showing often occurs online, investing in professional media is no longer a luxury but a necessity for sellers looking to attract serious buyers and secure timely offers.


Contact us anytime to learn more about what MN Real Estate and Management has developed in the area of videos for our listing strategy, as well as our overall marketing strategies. Embracing these innovative marketing strategies is essential for staying ahead in today’s digital-driven real estate landscape.

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