Trusted Agent Referral Program

A growing network of Realtors trust MN Real Estate and Management, to help close deals, analyze properties, and in some cases manage their clients’ properties?

Consider taking advantage of the short-term rental niche as a Realtor without the day to day full-time work of managing and cleaning!

Local brokers and realtors trust us as a partner to help them close deals for their clients and sometimes refer those clients to us for vacation rental management services. The number one reason why realtors vouch for us is because they know that we will be 100% honest, not hyping or overselling our management services, and will treat their clients right over the long haul.

We offer:

    1. Free no pressure onsite or virtual analysis of any potential property for you and your clients

    1. We can double check the local ordinances, restrictions etc.

    1. We analyze the potential ballpark numbers to help your client make the right decisions.

    1. If appropriate- we discuss the day-to-day life of developing and managing the rental.

    1. We give out a $1,000 referral bonus for a successful referral we take on.

    1. We offer a seven-year non-compete, so you never have to worry about us doing real estate with your client down the road.

We are looking to partner up with the right agents and owners. You will never sell our services or hype numbers, but we help Realtors close deals and have a proven track record that sets us apart from our local STR management competition! Reach out anytime with questions!