Minnesota Real Estate and Management proudly presents a charming two-bedroom cabin nestled on the shores of Bay Lake! Well known for its pristine beauty, Ruttger’s Bay Lake Resort, and excellent fishing, Bay Lake stands as a beloved destination in the region for many groups. Our history of managing vacation rentals on this lake has shown us the deep-rooted love for this lake has spanned the last century, drawing folks back year after year to enjoy Rutgers Resort, Lonesome Pine, and the boating and fishing opportunities.

Given the high demand for properties on Bay Lake, listings are a rarity. More often than not, when homeowners contemplate selling, they find eager buyers within their own circles, a testament to the lake’s history, popularity, and the tight-knit community.

We’re excited to present a unique opportunity for those who dream of owning a place on the lake. This two-bedroom cabin, within Hunter’s Bay Resort, offers amenities such as a swimming pool, a dock, and more, providing a chance to vacation year after year on Bay Lake! This resort has become a coop, so each owner also owns the resort!  While the intricacies of this cooperative setup may require some exploration for the average buyer, the prospect of securing a summer retreat on Bay Lake at such an attractive price point is certainly rare.

If you’re intrigued or have any questions regarding this property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to provide detailed information and assist you in making your lakeside dream a reality! Click the link below to check out the listing!


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